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Are you dealing with water leaks from pipes, sewage pipes, or stack pipes? Don't delay the repair, and call the best plumbers in town. Even a small water leak can cause significant damage and high costs when dealing with emergency situations. We have years of experience in water leak detection, and finding a solution is a breeze for us. We are professionals in water leak detection in Prague.

Water Leak Detection: Work Process

We use the most modern technologies, allowing us to detect water leaks from pipes with high precision. This eliminates the need for extensive excavation during subsequent repairs because we can focus only on the location of the leak.

Among the methods we use are gas pipe pressurization, the use of echo location devices, or flooding tests of sewage. In some cases, complex technologies are not needed, and the judgment of our craftsmen, who have years of experience in leak detection, is sufficient.

After detecting the water leak in the pipes, we can immediately start working to fix the issue.

Once everything is done, we will issue you a warranty certificate.

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