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Every day, customers turn to us when their waste gets clogged. Unfortunately, it's a very unexpected situation that can happen to anyone and requires immediate attention. Waste cleaning is one of the most popular services provided by our emergency plumbers. Our plumbers are equipped with the latest waste cleaning machines, which allow us to clean any clogged waste in apartments, pubs, or family homes.

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You are as fast as lightning, thanks guys for the excellent service and quick waste removal. I can only recommend!


The guy is awesome! Thank you very much for helping with the completely clogged waste!


Fast, high-quality, and at reasonable prices. That's how I would describe the company that sent a technician to Prague 8 within 60 minutes, the problem was solved immediately. Many thanks, and I will only recommend you.


I was shocked! Two guys came, replaced a 125-liter boiler in 1 hour and 40 minutes, highly quality work, beautiful, and competent. I recommend.


Regarding an existing problem, the plumbers proposed a solution and detailed how I should proceed. They immediately came to fix everything (late in the evening). Thank you for your promptness and professional approach.


Today I found out that my toilet was leaking, I called this service, and a technician arrived within 60 minutes, replaced the flushing system, and it was done in no time. I can only recommend them, both for the reasonable price and card payment.


Cause identified, issue resolved. Clean, fast work. Pleasant communication with the company. Fair dealings. I recommend and thank you 👍

Drain Cleaning - Causes of Blockage and How to Prevent Them

Our company provides drain cleaning services for every household or business. Our most frequent customers include:

  • New buildings
  • Apartments
  • Family houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants, pubs
  • Offices

There are various causes of blockages, and we'd like to describe the most common ones:

  • Grease Blockage

    Even though grease waste accounts for only 5-8% of the total sediment mass, these wastes play a crucial role as a connecting component on which the remaining 90% of inorganic substances settle. Grease mainly enters the pipes in liquid form during dishwashing. However, it gradually cools down and settles on the pipe walls in the form of solid grease "plates." In restaurants, this situation can be prevented by installing a special grease trap under the sink. In ordinary households, a good preventive measure against grease waste blockages is to run hot water after dishwashing. If this situation has already occurred, do not hesitate to contact our drain cleaning service.

  • Foreign Objects in the Sewer

    Blockage of the drain can occur as a random incident, such as when a rag, a child's toy, or another object accidentally enters the toilet bowl. Drain blockages can also often occur during apartment renovations when bricklayers or other construction workers accidentally pour leftover building debris, mortar, plaster, or other materials that do not belong in the drainpipe. This can cause a blockage. In such cases, it is often necessary to inspect the pipes using an inspection camera to determine the extent and cause of the blockage. This way, we can precisely identify the problematic area and choose the right strategy for drain cleaning and restoring the proper functioning of the sewage system.

  • Incorrect Installation of Drain Pipes

    Improper installation of drain pipes can bring serious problems. Incorrect pipe connections, the use of sharp-angled elbows, or poorly chosen gradients can lead to water leaks and blockages. The consequences can be significant and result in high repair costs. Therefore, it is essential to entrust drain pipe installation to professionals who have knowledge and experience in this area. Proper installation ensures the correct flow of wastewater and minimizes the risk of drain pipe blockages.

How to Clean Drains DIY?

People often ask how to clean drains themselves. There are several effective methods you can try.

Use a plunger: One of the simplest methods is to use water pressure to break through the blockage in the drainpipe. You can try using a plunger or a special rubber pump. Attach it to the blocked drain and repeatedly create pressure waves to get water and pressure into the pipe and release the blockage.

Chemical preparations: There are chemical preparations available on the market that help dissolve blocked waste. Read the instructions carefully and follow the manufacturer's instructions. However, keep in mind that some chemical preparations can be aggressive and may damage pipes and human skin if not used correctly. Be cautious.

Mechanical methods: If you have a plumbing snake or a similar tool, you can try to manually remove the blockage. Insert the spring into the blocked pipe and make back-and-forth movements to release the blockage.

Cleaning waste with baking soda: You can also try natural methods that can help release blocked waste. Sprinkle baking soda into the blocked drain and pour vinegar over it.

If you are unable to resolve the drain blockage yourself, it is best to contact professionals in drain cleaning.

Professional Drain Cleaning in Prague

Our company has been operating in the market since 2019, and during that time, we have cleaned several thousand kilometers of sewage pipes. We have extensive experience in drain cleaning in Prague and the surrounding area. Our plumbers use modern and professional drain cleaning machines, such as:

  • Milwaukee FSSM-121
  • Rothenberger R600 and R900
  • Rems Cobra 2

Thanks to the combination of these professional machines and our experienced craftsmen, we can clean any blocked drain, whether it's a siphon, risers in an apartment building, or waste in large shopping centers.

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