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If you need to replace a wall-mounted or freestanding toilet, contact us. We are reliable plumbers with years of experience. We perform toilet installations of all types from all manufacturers, including the installation of wall-mounted toilets in drywall.

We will be happy to recommend the most suitable type for you.

Choosing the Right Toilet

A freestanding toilet represents the classic solution. Its advantage is relatively easy installation and a wide range of models, including the cheapest ones. The flush tank is easily accessible, making any repairs easier. A freestanding toilet can have deep or shallow flushing and horizontal, vertical, sloping, or variable waste discharge. You need to consider this when choosing a bowl.

Wall-mounted toilet installation is becoming increasingly popular, especially for aesthetic reasons. Moreover, because the bowl is accessible from all sides, cleaning is much easier. Installing a wall-mounted toilet is somewhat more demanding because it requires the installation of an in-wall system with a flush tank, but for experienced plumbers, it is not a problem. Modern systems are very reliable, so you don't have to worry about addressing any problems.


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If you need to schedule toilet installation, call our hotline at +420228229607 and book an appointment.

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