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Are you looking for a quality plumber - heating engineer in Prague 6? Our technicians know every corner of Bubeneč, Dejvice, Řepy, and Suchdol. We are here for you 24 hours a day. We operate both emergency plumbing and regular installation services.
We are a family-owned company, founded on rich experience and knowledge of plumbing and heating craftsmanship. We have been in this field since 2014. We are here to provide quality services with the shortest possible turnaround times. In our team, we have 6 professional craftsmen with over 10 years of experience, ready to handle tasks of any complexity and volume in the field of plumbing and heating.

Plumber Prague 6 - Advantages of Working with Us

Every day we have at least 30 dispatches and at the same time repairs. You may wonder how we manage it? That's a good question, and we have the answer.

  1. We Employ Skilled Workers Only the best professionals with years of experience and expertise work in our company. All our plumbers also undergo regular training from leading manufacturers of plumbing and heating materials and tools.
  2. We Are Modern We use only professional materials and tools. Among other things, we can non-invasively detect water leaks, quickly clean drains, or trace water, heating, and waste distribution.
  3. No Diaries and Lost Customers We use a modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. We know where the order is, how long it will take us to get to the site, and exactly what we need to do there. Thanks to this, our plumbers will arrive on time and deliver the ordered service as soon as possible.

Where We Operate

Our local services:

Our services also cover the city districts of Liboc, Ruzyně, Střešovice, Veleslavín, Vokovice, Břevnov, Bubeneč, Sedlec, and Hradčany, as well as other areas of Prague and Prague 6.

We operate nonstop in all locations.

What Services Our Company Provides?

First and foremost, we provide high-quality plumbing and heating services, which can be divided into three directions.

In each direction, we maintain high-quality work. Plumber Prague 6 will always quickly fix boiler issues, install pipes, or heating systems.

    • Emergency Services
    • We will come to you on the day of the order. In the event of an emergency, within 30 minutes.
    • Minor plumbing work
    • Drain cleaning
    • Water leak detection
    • Repairs of water, heating, and waste systems
    • Boiler repairs

    • Installations
    • We perform installations of heating systems
    • Boiler replacements
    • Water heater replacements

    • Installation Work for Construction and Renovations
    • Renovation of water, heating, and waste systems
    • Installation of underfloor heating
    • Installation and design of heating systems

Contact Information

Our nonstop dispatch staff will answer the phone even on holidays, weekends, or at midnight. Whether you need to quickly resolve an emergency, order a service, or just get advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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