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VMB-service provides various plumbing services and heating work. We function as both an emergency response and installation company. Our primary focus is on the quality of the services we provide. Each plumber and heating technician employed by us has specialized education, practical experience, and completion of retraining courses. We handle over 35 emergency orders daily, which amounts to vast daily experience.

Services We Offer

Among our services are: Drain and Sewer Cleaning. We clean waste in commercial spaces such as restaurants, shops, cafes, offices, and shopping centers. We are equipped with professional equipment for waste cleaning from brands like Rothenberger, Rems, and Milwaukee. Minor Plumbing Work. Did your faucet break? Do you need to install a new one? No problem. We will come to your location within 60 minutes and make the replacement. We handle minor plumbing jobs of any size. Plumbing Work. We install water distribution systems in plastic, copper, PPR, and Alpex. Quality implementation and design. We can perform complete water distribution system reconstructions. Heating Work. We install boilers, heat pumps, and more.

Our Advantages

Quality: For us, the word "service" is synonymous with "quality." Therefore, we strive to maintain quality in every aspect, from customer communication to project implementation. We use quality materials at fair prices. Each of our plumbers and heating technicians has between 5 and 15 years of experience in the field. Thanks to our CRM system, we verify the quality of 85% of orders. We always aim to work on recommendations. Speed: Professional dispatchers, CRM systems, logistics optimization, and experienced technicians equal speed. For us, this formula has been refined over years of work. Guarantee: A guarantee is standard, with a minimum warranty period of 24 months. Complaints: Like any company, big or small, we have complaints, with a 2% complaint rate. If you have a complaint, don't worry; we handle each case within 48 hours, except for emergencies, which we address immediately. Comprehensive Solutions: With plumbing work often comes the need for other trades, such as masonry, chimney work, or design. We can provide a trusted mason through our verified partners.

Contact Information

Contact us around the clock, 24/7. Our plumbers and heating technicians are ready to respond to any emergency.

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