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We perform complete plumbing work related to water and waste distribution in apartments, family houses, and industrial buildings. This includes the installation of hot and cold water, as well as utility water distribution. Water risers and waste distribution. We have extensive experience with all available materials. We install distributions made of plastic (polypropylene, RP pipes, and others), copper, and zinc. Only craftsmen with years of experience work with us. You can rely on the quality of their work.

Advantages of Plastic Water Distribution

Plastic is currently by far the most commonly used material. The low cost of plastic water distribution is not its only advantage. It is also characterized by very rapid progress of work. Polypropylene is mainly used, which is hygienically safe, easy to process, recyclable, and meets the relevant hygiene standards. This material is suitable for both hot and cold water. Polyethylene pipes are mainly suitable for utility water distribution, for example, in workshops, gardens, or industrial facilities. The main advantages of polyethylene are its low cost and flexibility. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to advise you on the material to choose.

Advantages of Copper Water Distribution

Copper pipes for both hot and cold water have a long service life, are resistant to corrosion, temperature changes, and UV radiation. The material is safe for health. In addition, a layer of copper oxide forms on the inner surface over time, which can even kill some bacteria. The material is 100% recyclable.

Waste Distribution

For waste distribution, we mainly use non-softened PVC. This material is best suited for the disposal of sewage, rainwater pipes, and the construction of vent pipes. Another commonly used material is polypropylene. It is suitable for the transport of both hot and cold wastewater from households and industrial buildings, as well as for rainwater drainage, sewage, and ventilation.

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How the Installation of Water Distribution Works

The first step is a visit from our specialist. They will assess the situation, study the relevant plans and documentation. Based on their findings, we will quickly prepare an exact plan of work, a list of required materials, and provide you with a price quote. We will always inform you of the price for water and waste distribution before starting the work.

The installation of water distribution takes place in two phases. First, it is necessary to install vertical distributions in the walls. Horizontal distributions are installed after laying the waterproofing of the base slab. The progress of the work depends on the chosen material. Water pipes are connected by welding or mechanical couplings. Our workers have the necessary training and certified tests for plastic welding. Pipes for hot water need to be insulated. This insulation can save up to 60% of heat loss and also provides protection against mechanical damage. The distributions are completed by connecting water meters and control valves. Our company will also take care of all related construction work.



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