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Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and healthiest heating methods. It ensures optimal thermal comfort in the room and even temperature distribution for your health. There is less air circulation, reducing dust circulation. The overall architectural design with underfloor heating is usually better compared to using radiators. The cost of underfloor heating may not be significantly higher than other heating methods. However, you achieve greater savings, thermal comfort, and architectural cleanliness.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Conventional heating methods like radiators or convection heaters use radiant heat transfer. This means heat is transferred from the radiator to the room air and from there to the walls and objects. This requires higher temperature settings and increases dust circulation.

In contrast, underfloor heating operates on the principle of radiant heat that rises from the floor. The air is heated more evenly, reducing dust circulation, and the required temperature for the same thermal comfort is 2-3°C lower compared to conventional heating. Each degree reduction in room temperature represents approximately 5% savings in overall heating costs.

How Underfloor Heating Works

Water at a temperature of 30 - 50°C is distributed through pipes embedded in the floor. Water heating typically occurs in a modern condensing gas boiler. Low-energy circulation pumps ensure the flow of water. Since the water is heated to a lower temperature compared to using radiators, less energy is required, making the entire system more efficient.

Installation Process of Underfloor Heating

The first step is always a visit by our specialist directly to the installation site. Our underfloor heating expert will take precise measurements and assess the situation to provide you with an offer and determine the price of underfloor heating for you.

The actual installation work begins with leveling the floor, placing an external expansion strip, and laying insulation. On top of the insulation, an insulating foil is placed to enhance the efficiency of underfloor heating. Next, the heating pipes themselves are laid out and secured. Subsequently, a manifold is installed, and individual heating circuits are connected to it. Finally, a pressure test is conducted according to the relevant standards, and a protocol is created.

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