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A quality water tap is not only functional but also an important design element in the kitchen or bathroom. From time to time, it may need replacement. If you don't want to tackle it yourself, call on professional plumbers with years of experience for help.

How to proceed when you want to replace the tap yourself

If you're dealing with a dripping or splashing water issue, tightening or replacing the seal at the water tap can help. However, if your tap has served its purpose or you want to replace it for aesthetic reasons, you can try doing it yourself. Removing and installing a new water tap is not complicated.

First, turn off the water supply. There are likely two valves for hot and cold water near the tap. If you can't find them, turn off the main water supply. For a stand-alone tap, loosen both nuts with a wrench. You'll usually find them on the underside of the sink. Install the new tap in the same way. If you've chosen the right size, you'll be done in no time. Of course, don't forget to install and tighten the seal correctly before turning the water supply back on.

If you don't want to undertake this task yourself, don't hesitate to contact professional plumbers for whom installing a water tap is a breeze.

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