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We are a professional plumbing and heating company. We have service locations in Prague 8, allowing us to reach you as quickly as possible. We will arrive, perform repairs, installations, or diagnostics today. In case of water, heating, or sewage emergencies, we can arrive within 30 to 60 minutes from your call.

Our technicians specialize in various plumbing and heating services:

We also perform larger-scale plumbing work.

Why Choose Our Company?

Plumbing and heating are things we don't understand, and we prefer it that way. It's our profession, which we've been practicing since 2014, which is why we founded this company. Plumber Prague 8 Bohnice is a quality and fast service. Our goal is to provide quality plumbing and heating services in the shortest possible time. Plumber Prague 8 Kobylisy is one of our service locations. We can quickly come anywhere in Prague 8. Prague 8 plumbers will perform the necessary repairs or install heating systems in your family home or apartment. Each of our plumbers is an experienced professional, has specialized education, extensive experience, and a strong work ethic.


We are prepared for any plumbing and heating work. We carry the necessary materials and professional tools in our vehicles, allowing us to perform repairs without unnecessary delays.


We provide a 24-month guarantee for our work.


Although we do everything to provide high-quality services, a very small percentage of cases may involve complaints. We are prepared for this, and we handle all complaints within a maximum of 2 days. In emergency cases, immediately.

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